Allison & Luke

Our Story

Allison and Luke met in 2017, during some of the absolute worst conditions, a sport known as:
Cross. Country.

Luke was an awfully slow runner, so he always ended up with the back of the bus. That’s where he met Allison.

She never wanted him to feel left out of the group, so she constantly annoyed him with questions.

What’s your favorite color?
Do you have siblings?
What’d you do last summer?

Max, Allison, and the Dad’s Jeep
Located at Blue Lake Regional Park
Archive Coffee & Bar
Located in Salem, Oregon.

However, as winter was approaching, fall was ending, and so was cross country.

Every year a banquet is held for the cross country team, for everyone to get together one last time and celebrate their effort over the season. Where everyone gets the chance to walk up on the stage and receive their “good effort this year” award.

But this year was a very different and an important year for Allison because she was moving to Salem. The coach knew this, all the teachers at Wilsonville knew this, her best friends knew this, but you know who didn’t know this?


And you know how he found out?

By our coach making a sappy announcement to the group, that Allison will be departing from the team, the school, and Wilsonville. To the rough tough streets of a city known as Salem, roughly a 40 minute drive away.

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Our First Photo Together
Located at Maplewood Coffee & Tea

BUM BUM BUMM! Allison and Luke were SEPARATED!!!!! NOOoooOOOo!!

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Photos of Important Memories, People, and Things

However, they were not separated for long….

….Because little did Allison know, he was was searching far and wide for her over the internet. Luke was quite saddened by the loss of his new friend from cross country, so just like any other modern love story, he made contact with her over social media.

After meeting up on January 1st, 2018, they grew immense feelings for each other. As the months were continuing Luke announced that he loved her very much, and didn’t care about the drive or the complications that may arise in the future. Because of this Allison believes now that he was the light at the end of that tunnel, and became very appreciative for his early devotion to her. He gave her everything she was longing for, and helped challenge her to grow..

This is why she loves him to this day, and will forever be devoted to him—not only him—but also his family.

“Thank you for the dinners you’ve fed me, the opportunities you’ve given me, and for giving me a chance… I love you guys…. I can’t wait to be an auntieeee…”

Post Engagement Photos
Taken by the One and Only Bridgette Carpenter
At Sunset Beach

Post Engagement Photos
Taken by the One and Only Bridgette Carpenter
At Sunset Beach

Since the very beginning Luke had always felt so comfortable in Allison’s presence. Their personalities aligned so well, allowing them to quickly become inseparable.

As Luke spent more time with Allison, his love only continued to grow. He began to learn how truly wonderful she is. Above anything else he saw her loving heart, she loved him immensely, and Luke knew that. She always put so much time and effort to ensure his well being, and be present in everything he was doing. Her unending love and devotion to him brought him the peace and security to feel comfortable to join her in the covenant of marriage.

“There’s no one else that I enjoy spending time around as much as I do Allison, she brings me so much peace and joy”

Despite the hardships they’ve been through, the two of them have never had a stronger bond. Through this relationship and by God’s grace alone they’ve been incredibly blessed. As such, they couldn’t be more excited to continue onto the next chapter of their life, and their faith by joining together as one in marriage.

A heart full of happy

To be continued…

Well, that’s the cheese story on how we met!

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